Children and Young People's Advance Care Plan

The children and young people's advance care plan (CYPACP) is a nationally recognised advance care plan (ACP)  for children and young people with life limiting (LLC) or life threatening conditions (LTC).


The national CYPACP collaborative developed the form and much of the UK have adopted it. Our Network (YHCPCN) endorse and support the adoption and use of the form across the region. It is hoped that all services supporting children and families with LLC or LTC will sign up to the collaborative and use the CYPACP. This will ensure consistency for families and will mean that the form will be recognised across the region and wider. If a family go on holiday elsewhere in the UK where they use the CYPACP the form will be recognised and the family will not have to tell their story over and over. This reduces duplication and ensures consistency for professionals and families.

The CYPACP is compliant with recent NICE guidelines (NG61) and will promote a unified approach for children and families.

Currently the four hospices across the region use the CYPACP forms and some hospital trusts are putting the forms through their governance procedures.

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How to use the forms

To start using the forms your organisation will need to:

  • Sign up to the collaborative and ensure that your governance procedures have been followed and have adopted the use of the forms. Note - the CYPACP collaborative have developed a policy which is available on their website and this can be ratified and adopted through local governance structures. Once this has been adopted locally a copy will need to be returned to the collaborative. 
  • Identify a CYPACP lead in your organisation to coordinate the process.
  • Decide how forms will be stored and how version control is managed. As different professionals within the MDT are able to fill in different sections of the form is is important all members of the MDT and most importantly, the child and family, have the correct version of the form at all times.  One way of achieving this is for the family to keep the most up to date version of the form in a paper copy and for a database of ACP’s to be kept which is updated and audited annually within your organisation.
  • Decide which version of the form to use. There are several different versions of the form in circulation. It is a local decision whether you adopt version two with or without the ReSPECT form (this is dependent on whether the ReSPECT process has already been adopted in your area). Version three of the form is currently in development.

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